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Readings by Cindy

I believe in a no nonsense reading , one that is honest and given from the heart . Life is full of conflict, pain and pressure which sometimes brings decisions or planning that need to be set in motion during these trying times. At other that we just need someone to listen and show us what we don't always see for ourselves. My readings come from a loving spirit. As a mother and grandmother these feelings and emotions are a large part of who I am. I own The Mystic Cottage where I am a Spiritual Advisor and do in person readings. I feel that what I do is a gift that was given to me to help others. I am an Ordained Minister- however I do not perform weddings or other formal rites... that is not where my path leads me. I am the friend who listens, the mother that teaches, and the grandmother who hugs. I come from a family of women with strong psychic abilities. My experiences started at a very young age, and with a lot of children it frightening and enticing at the same time. I was blessed with a mother who understood these things and was very gifted herself. She helped me understand what was happening and to be more accepting and open with the paranormal events in my life. Being from the South is one of my attributes. We call things like they are. Sometimes I do try to soften the blow thats coming, not by hiding it ,but by having you realize that most things (not all) can change if you want them to. You know the old story- if life deals you lemons make lemonade. My readings are meant to aid you in life , by giving you the information to make choices ,or have a direction or empowers you. Your message may sometime be entwined with advice that you have ignored or just forgotten. We are just as likely to be reminded that those that have passed on still think of us and watch over us! Check my rates and services

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