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A southern no nonsense approach to advice and readings

About Cindy

     I have been giving psychic readings, or information for many years, I have also been featured on television and radio. Wishful Treasures was my metaphysical shop in Florida, where you could find me for in person readings. I'm also available for phone and email readings. My reach is international having clients from across the world. 

     As a Spiritual Advisor I am obligated to tell you what I receive. Sometimes the message is backwards, sideways, or just not for you. I am not infallible, if I do not receive anything I will say so. I will not tell you something just to keep you hanging on.

     I do not believe in scamming, under no circumstances will I tell you that you have something that has to be removed, which cost you extra money, nor will I ever inform you that you will need more sessions to obtain all of your message.

     The information received may not be what you wish to hear. All spiritual and psychic readings, while quite genuine, may not always be 100% accurate.


     Be open to receive and validate messages. The more open you are the clearer the messages will be. Try to seek the reading while you are relaxed and undisturbed. Allow the reading to proceed in its own manner. Don't be too quick to say no. By doing this it can throw the reading off, by waiting and analyzing what was said, you will soon understand. You must realize that the evidence that comes out, large or small, is all part of a puzzle that spirit is giving to the reading, that cannot always be validated at that moment, but will come together later. Let the reader know when they are correct. Spirit manifests and provides evidence in many ways; cause of death, physical features, personality, names, number of children, memories, hobbies, symbols and more. Be open to validate whatever comes through from Spirit.

     All information obtained is to be taken solely as advisory in nature.  I will not be held liable for any action taken based upon advice received, I am not a psychological or medical professional and I am unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment, be it mental or physical in nature.

     Anyone using this consulting service acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer. Refunds will be issued if the session is cut short due to a lack of connection and will not be issued for predictions that donít come true. This is because of your life is the result of a series of choices presented to you, and the decisions that you make based on those choices. So the outcome will always change.

Legal Disclaimer-

     Your psychic consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. The  client receiving the psychic reading is responsible for all of their own choices and/or actions.

     Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty.

     No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Cindy Greene will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

     For entertainment purposes only.

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