A Southern Psychic - Readings by Cindy

A southern no nonsense approach to advice and readings

Having a hard time getting an appointment with button please just call me .850-281-4752

Group Rates at our store:
Psychic Party at the Store ($20 each Min 10 People! )
Min 10 People at our location! You may bring in refreshments! Call for Details!
2 hours Price Varies

Group Rates at your location;
Psychic Party at your location ($40 each Min 10 People! )
Min 5 People at Your location! Call for Details!

If you would like to have an private or group reading, or if you would like to set up a party or group at your house or business, call me at 850-281-4752
 Sorry, we will reschedule but no refunds.
 If you're unable to make your appointment, please contact me and I will be happy to reschedule.

Find me on Keen, an online community for spiritual advisers. I'm available most nights after 10pm CST.

Email Readings are also available on Keen, 3 questions for 30 dollars.